8" x 12" Giclee archival quality fine art paper. Signed on back by the artist.


Limited edition of 100


I originally created this piece 10 years ago for an art show with the loose theme of creating something that illustrated your profession. I worked with only men at the time and I felt that a lot of them treated me with about the same amount of respect that I guessed they would probably show an average priced hooker.. and so the subject seemed apropos for the exhibition.  It was part of the 2012 Laloozapalooza at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles in 2012. The original and 2 additional, slightly different, versions are in the personal collections across the USA. I've been asked to recreate it more times than I can count, and so I've decided to release a very small run of these 8x12 giclee prints for 2020.

The prints will be shipped on or around February 18th

Draw Whatcha Know Giclee Print