The Alchemical Heart is a wax relief sculpture. Cast in 100% pure unfiltered beeswax in a mold taken from an original sculpture. It is hand carved, painted in oils and rays of the heart gold leafed. It is presented on black velvet, under convex glass, in a wooden black frame with a gold leaf accent.


 The Alchemical Heart is rich in symbolism, overall representing transformation.


Universally in the world of symbol, the heart is recognized as a container. In Egyptian lore, a vase represented a heart. This representation accords with the principles of alchemy in which the heart vessel is the container and locus of the transformation of the leaden ego into the gold of the higher Self. The golden rays of this heart represent this burning transformation.


Many Hermetic philosophies consider the eye as the channel between the earthly and spiritual dimension, and believe one can obtain prophetic messages and visions through it.


The rose is one of the fundamental symbols of alchemy and became the philosophical basis of Rosicrucian alchemy. Here, roses grow on the Tree of Life implying regeneration and resurrection.


   In spiritual alchemy, the single red rose represents the mystic center of a person, his or her heart of hearts – one’s true nature. It also represents the process of purification to reveal one’s true essence. the symbolism of the rose is many fold, and Rosicrucian philosophy also sees the rose as a symbol of the unfolding soul, which unfolds itself to perfection through many lives on this earth. White roses in particular represent the feminine, receptive, principle of the soul.


The bee has long been a symbol for wisdom, for it collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into the nourishing honey, which is the gold of bees. Just as the seeker collects experience from the varying circumstances of his life and from it extracts the nectar of spiritual knowledge..spiritual gold.


12" X 10"

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The Alchemical Heart