The Golden Flame was cast in 100% unfiltered beeswax and painted with oil paint with a gold leaf flame. It's fairly hefty at around 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide.


"This flame in man is the “light that shineth in darkness.” It is the Spiritual Flame within himself. It lights his way as no exterior light can. This radiating out from him brings into view, one by one, the hidden things of the cosmos, and his ignorance is dispelled in exactly the same proportion as his light is spread, for the darkness of the unknown can only be removed by light, and the greater the light, the further back the darkness is driven. This is the Lamp of the Philosopher, which he carries through the dark passageways of life, and by the light of which he walks among the stones and along the narrow cliff edge without fear."

- The Initiates of the Flame



This sculpture is made to order.  I offer the hand in 3 shades:

 Bare beewax Glow(pictured)

 Medium Brown Glow

 Dark Brown Glow



Allow 5 days before shipping

The Golden Flame