From the first moment I saw her, I was 

totally inspired and completely blown away by

Clemente Susini’s Anatomical Venus , so I tried to gather

as much information as I could about the wax anatomical

sculptors of the 16th-18th century and their process..which led me discover wax relief sculptures in miniature. I was particularly drawn

to the dramatic Spiritual scenes of the afterlife and found the elaborate

little details of wax portraiture to be enchanting. There's something warm and luminous about wax that lends itself to the depiction of the human form.

    Momento Mori,  reliquary, spiritual devotionals, vintage erotica, Mexican Folk Art, Russian Porcelain, old carnival tchotchkes and delicate Dresden lace are some of the things that inspire the work I do. 


   I am currently working out of Saint Louis, Missouri and travel a bit for exhibitions and workshops.

I am delighted and honored to continue my partnership with Morbid Anatomy to offer some of my smaller limited edition wax collectibles.. I have decided to offer this wax collection exclusively through Morbid Anatomy with a few pieces that will only be available for the Holiday season. I am a longtime fan of Morbid Anatomy and Joanna Ebenstein's library of detailed essays on wax art through the ages. When I first began to study wax sculpture 11 years ago, little information on the subject existed on the internet. Her website blog, I believe, was the first extensive collection of research on the subject. 

I recently made a trip to Paris, France where I had the great fortune of participating in the HEY! Exhibition La Halle St Pierre Museum. A show curated by Anne of Hey! Modern Art and Pop Culture Magazine. It was a mind blower to be sure..Please do check out my Instagram for compilation videos of that truly grand event featuring 36 surrealist artists from all over world. 

  As always, feel free to contact me regarding commissions or collaborations.

 I will be posting updates regarding new developments now and then, so if you might be interested, please do sign up to be included on my mailing list


Heather O'Shaughnessy