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This human heart model is an anatomically correct, life sized replica of the human heart, weighing approximately the same as a real human heart (about 16 ounces) when separated from its base. It was cast in beeswax from a mold taken from an original sculpture, was lightly hand painted in oils, and mounted on a stained wooden base. This solid wax piece is weighty and stands at about 9 inches high with a width of 5.5 inches. I have created a limited number of these and they were available through Morbid Anatomy 

in 2020.


Wax snake head ecorche created for a workshop in partnership with Atlas Obscura. Los Angeles 2019. This piece is much larger than it appears in photographs. Approximately 11" x 9"


Wax snake anatomical cut away mounted on velvet backed frame. Approximately 14" x 12"

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