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Medieval Manuscript Series

My manuscript series is a collection of wax relief sculptures based on the strange, unusual and absurd figures that stand in the margins of illuminated manuscripts of old. I've tried to keep them as close to the original drawing as possible, taking few liberties in their reproduction. I am including a photo of the original with each description along with any source information that I have.. if you happen to know more about any of the figures that I recreate, let me know!


My little sculptures are cast in 100% unfiltered beeswax, hand carved, painted in oils, illuminated with gold leaf and presented under convex glass in a gold leaf accented, 7x9 wooden frame. 

Illuminated manuscript marginalia has been a never ending source of inspiration for me over the years and I've always thought some of these little characters deserved to be honored as unique and individual works of art... wax just seemed to be the perfect sculptural medium considering the time period in which they were conceived. Rendering them in high relief was not only fun but really exciting to see them become 3 dimensional..I've also added hand cut wax mats to frame every figure. It's a new technique I'm trying out of creating mats from flat sheets of colored wax.

I released this collection in 2021, unfortunately, the frames that I preferred for this collection are no longer available. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a medieval manuscript relief sculpture.

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