Wax Workshops

Thanks for visiting my WORKSHOPS page. The Workshops listed below were in partnership with Atlas Obscura and took place in 2019. 


My Workshops for Spring 2020 in NYC and beyond, have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Please sign up to my mailing list for updates and feel free to contact me for information on planning a Wax Workshop in your City in the future.

I am in the process of creating a series of online classes dedicated to the subject of 18th and 19th century wax flower making techniques . The classes will be accompanied by a box of necessary flower making supplies and should be live and ready to go by the summer of 2020. I am working on partnerships with other artists so that the collection of classes will not only be dedicated to the subject of wax work but also other obscure art techniques lost to time. If you have an interest in our school of rare and lost arts, sign up to my mailing list for updates on this exciting endeavor! 

Heather has developed a unique technique for creating delicate butterfly and moth specimens from wax materials and will share her process in this event. You will be guided through the creation of beautiful Emperor and Sheep moth specimens, learning the basics of working with wax through melting, casting, and hand painting. The finished moths are then mounted under glass cloches. No previous artistic experience is required for this workshop, and all are welcome! All tools and supplies will be provided.


Learn the delicate craft of creating creatures from beeswax in this unique workshop. An écorché (French translation: “flayed,” or “skinned”) is an anatomical figure depicting an animal or human with the skin removed to show the location and interplay of the muscles. Heather has developed a unique technique for creating delicate écorché specimens in wax and will share her process in this workshop. You will be guided through the process of creating an écorché snake’s head out of beeswax, using molds taken from one of her original sculptures, to cast reliefs from melted wax. Your creation will then be carved, painted, mounted, and framed.