I was raised in Saint Louis Missouri, my childhood split between the strict and devout Irish Catholic  home of my Grandparents in a squarely middle class home and a crumbling apartment above my father’s Jazz and blues club on the Mississippi river where I enjoyed  the influence of a free thinking bohemian culture of artists, poets and musicians.  I was quite lucky to always be Surrounded by a rich appreciation of artistic expression and exploration, even through my she was impulsively drawn to sculpting as a young child.  

   In 1999 she started a career as a tattoo artist that would span 17 years. during that time, she continued her studies of her first love of sculpture. studying functional ceramic forms and then developing a special interest in the delicate attributes of porcelain sculpture. She eventually turned her attentions to teaching ceramic sculpture and a focused study on the art of Dresden Lace, a porcelain technique using fine lace that was almost lost to history in the destruction of the porcelain houses of Dresden during the bombings of 1945. Frustrations with creating larger sculptural pieces in porcelain led her to the study of wax sculpture. She began creating relief sculptures in bees wax in 2010, starting with anatomical studies of sexual subject matter and erotic vignettes