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The School of Wax is Almost Here!

For the last 2 months I've been hard at work creating a Wax Art Box that includes all of the supplies to create your own masterpiece in wax at home. Things are moving smoothly and it looks as though everything may be order to launch this project within weeks.

I am creating several wax projects and will be releasing them bi monthly. The first project will be a wax painting project, "The Little Wax Hand" and will include a wax casting sculpture of a sweet little hand resting on a pillow. It is a replica of a mid 19th century porcelain paper weight. The boxes will include your paints and special brushes, palette, and gold accent paint for drama. Each box will include a link to a pre recorded online class.. led by me! I think this project will be a lot of fun. We will go over the very individual properties of beeswax and how it accepts paint and pigment. The design and color choices are yours to explore. As a side note, The most common question I receive when discussing wax sculpture is "but isn't it going to melt?" and to that I say wax sculptures have survived in pristine condition for centuries. Wax has a melting point of 140 degrees, so just as a wax candle stands solid in your home, a wax sculpture will fare just as well.

"The Little Wax Hand"

After the release of "The Little Wax Hand" I will be focusing on the intriguing art of wax flowers, a delicate art form lost to time. I have secured production of some beautifully colored wax sheets that are perfect for forming flower petals. I will be creating a box and class for a variety of flowers. Poppies, ranunculus and orchids are certainly on the list.. ooohh.. black orchids anyone?

Sterilized Beeswax Foundation Sheets

I first began using the wax sheets a few years ago when I discovered that they were ideal for creating delicate moth wings. The wax sheets are traditionally used for candle rolling and are made using the process that beekeepers use for creating foundation sheets for hives. Foundation are sheets of beeswax that are used to guide the comb building and give support to the comb. They usually are filled with hexagonal wax cells that allow bees to forage faster. Foundation sheets that are created for hives must be sterilized to eliminate bacteria, bee disease and dirt.

Hand rolled candles using beeswax foundation sheets

The wax used for candle rolling is not exactly the same grade of beeswax. Wax sheets for hand rolled candles are available in bright beautiful colors, and while most carry the hexagonal pattern, the sheets I prefer for creating moth wings and petals are smooth and thin.

I certainly feel that these projects are for any and every skill level and I consider working with wax a "slow art". While "The Little Wax Hand" may be a project that can be completed in an afternoon, creating wax flowers may be a project that spans a couple of weekends or evenings. Cutting, trimming , carving and forming petals takes time and patience, but the craft is really enjoyable, gratifying and I consider it a really relaxing meditative practice.. and in the end you have a spectacular detailed sculpture for displaying!

So, I hope you will join me on a new adventure. I'll be sending out emails when the first box is ready for pre-order. There will be a limited number available every release.

Of course, everyone on my mailing list is the first to be notified:)

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